We are a provider of natural stone to a wide range of clientele from retail to hospitality, residential to commercial and all manners of custom projects and private homes.


Through a direct link between quarries, marble workers and clients, we are able to reduce the time and costs associated with quickly acquiring the stone. These strong relationships between quarry owners, technicians and stoneworkers allow us to source the finest raw material straight from the source, and mould it precisely. The transition from basic rock to finished product is complex, so we follow the entire process to ensure it flows and remains unhindered by third parties. Once you choose the type of stone you need, the raw material is then mined from a quarry in blocks, where our technicians will test that it meets your requirements. After removal, blocks can then be taken to stoneworkers for formation into simple slabs. Available in standard market sizes, slabs are then finished using a variety of techniques, including: polishing, brushing and bush hammering. Marble blocks mined from these selected quarries are certified by technicians on-site, allowing you to receive high-grade material, delivered in plenty of time and in the size best fitting your requirements. SMART TECHNIC has technicians and engineers working in quarries that will carefully select your rock, making sure you receive only the finest product.


Middle East is one of the richest regions in stone sources around the world and with huge reserves of Marble, Travertine and Onyx quarries in many different colors. Middle East region is known as one of the main suppliers of natural stones in the world and this viability has been on the rise in the recent years.

Many stone quarries such as marble, granite, limestone, and sand stone are cut into larger slabs and removed from the quarry. The surfaces are polished and finished with varying degrees of sheen or luster. Polished slabs are often cut into tiles or countertops and installed in many kinds of residential and commercial properties. Natural stone quarried from the earth is often considered a luxury and tends to be a highly durable surface.

Every individual quarry contains a multitude of different types of rock, with many of the pieces dating back millions of years.

SMART TECHNIC’s main source of supply is its own quarries, which allows it to guarantee the supply of strategic materials and manage large-scale projects..


Whether you are in the stone industry or an end user, you will benefit from our preparation and detailed work to bring you the best in natural stone products.

We export first-class material World Wide to South America, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Turkey, USA, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, China and many more countries around the Globe.

We appreciate your interest in our company. Our customers are our most valuable asset and for this reason, we continue to follow our tradition of providing quality natural stone products and superior customer service

We are established to fulfill natural stone requirements for projects locally as well as globally. We have a strong reputation for being honest and straightforward about our products and in our practice of business, and we are constantly striving to maintain that reputation