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We are specialists in the supply and installation of crane rail systems for projects of all types worldwide. From ship to shore to power stations to steel company, we are able to apply our proven expertise and engineering capability to fulfil the most complex and challenging of project needs.
With an impressive portfolio of crane rail products and ancillary services we are the partner of choice for projects worldwide.
It is our intention to offer a proactive and technically advanced level of support and service to all of our customers and partners worldwide.


Smart Technic has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of rails. The approach to the selection of rails differs around the world. Rails are not always rolled as frequently as industry demands. Thus Smart Technic often suggests alternative or equivalent rail to their customers from over 100 rail selections.
We work on a diverse range of projects throughout the world, each bringing its own specific requirements, challenges and examples of best practice and innovation.


Crane rails need to be installed to fine tolerances. Our designs of infinitely adjustable clips allow very precise alignment of rails. The clips are also designed to carry the very high forces the cranes can apply to the rails. With types that can be bolted and others that can be welded, you have the choice of most appropriate installation method for your needs.


Smart Technic supplies first class grout products that have been formulated to provide optimum performance, in the most arduous applications, along with ease of preparation and placement.


Smart Technic supply a range of products that are used in association with cranes, crane rails and girders. The girder surge connector or tieback as it is also known in some parts of the world, owes its origins to the same source of innovative thinking as the design of the adjustable clips. It solves a problem that used to be equally intractable.


It is essential that the use and high capital cost of a crane is protected from damage due to impact with other cranes or track end stops. Good quality buffers are the preferred solution. Smart Technic offers hydraulic crane buffers of the highest quality. During recent years production cranes and automated warehousing systems have increased in size and speed.
The hydraulic heavy-duty shock absorber was developed to transform the impact into heat and to slow down the system in a controlled manner by minimising the end forces.
Compared to standard devices such as springs and rubber buffers, the shock absorber is the most cost effective and reliable method for reducing the energy transmitted during an impact.
A large range of more than 100 standard heavy duty absorbers with different capacities and stroke lengths have been developed to meet the increasing demands of our customers.


The Beltflex® cable trench protection system is a proven engineering solution, designed to solve the issues of covering and maintaining the performance of crane cable. The belt’s unique formula provides high durability in the most arduous of environments. As experts in the field of crane rail systems, our engineers are able to offer a variety of designs to suit specific project requirements.
The Beltflex® system’s main purpose is to protect the cable and cable trench against damage from traffic, by covering the channel with a rubber belt. The design of the belt is composed of multiple layers with a resilient rubber surface and two layers of reinforcing steel cord. The system helps prolong the life of the cable, reduces waste accumulation and minimises trip hazards.
Our teams are able to provide a complete turnkey solution, from design and supply through to installation and technical support.


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